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Our Origin Story

This website began as a college side project that allowed me to participate in the gaming world while I was otherwise occupied during my studies.  I had no idea what it could turn into, but I was curious to find out.  I have always had a love of Dungeons & Dragons and roleplaying games in general.  This love of RPG's helped guide me on my journey of selecting the best colors and combinations of dice to have on the site.  My friends and family encouraged me to endure thoughout the process.  Their encouragement served to strengthen my resolve so that I could continue to build and develop the site during its beginning phase, and for that help and encouragement, I am eternally grateful.  At least once a week, I meet with my friends for a game night which usually includes games that require dice :)  (Settlers of Catan, Stone Age, Arkham Horror, Dungeons & Dragons etc).  I made sure that everyone during a Settlers of Catan game has their own set of matching d6 dice, because why shouldn't the red guy have matching red dice!  I try my very best to treat all of my customers with the respect and attention that I give to my closest friends.  Thank you for checking out the site, and Happy Gaming!


Emanuel Zwick

The Dice Guy