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Custom Dice

Welcome to the DND DICE Custom Dice Department

We engrave and paint your dice in house which helps us give you high quality work with a fast turn around time. Whether its a corporate event that is looking for giveaway dice with a logo, to custom dice for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, or birthday presents; we can take care of it.

Our program is very simple. We have 5 colors of dice in stock with both the high face and low face available for customization. This includes Custom D6 dice, Custom D20 dice, and Custom 34mm Oversize D20 dice. Our minimum order is 10+ units starting at $50 USD + Shipping. You can engrave your choice of text, pictures, or a combination of both. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. If you need some suggestions, we are available to help you plan your custom dice project.

The 2 best ways to order are either:

Step 1: Place your order.

Step 2: Email us with your order number and let us know what pictures and/or text you want on your dice.

Step1: Email us first to discuss and plan out your order.

Step 2: Place your order.

Both ways are good for us, and we suggest using the method that you are most comfortable with.


Production Time: We produce our orders on a first come first serve basis, so the production time will vary depending on how large our queue is. Orders typically take a couple of weeks to produce, but feel free to email us to get an appx production time or to let us know if you have a specific deadline.  Rush production is available for 25% extra, which will make your order be produced before orders with standard processing.  This can shave off days or weeks from your production time.  You can contact us, to let us know your deadline, in order to find out if rush production is necessary or not for your order.

Available Dice: 16mm Standard Size D6 in Prismatic Classic Rainbow. 25mm Slightly Oversize D20's in Translucent Teal and Opaque Black with Red. 34mm Oversize D20's in Marbled Adamantium and Translucent Rainbow.

Cost: The minimum order amount for the 16mm D6's and the 25mm D20's is 12 units starting at $50 USD + Shipping. The minimum for the 34mm D20's is 10 units starting at $50 USD + Shipping.

Contact us: You can reach us contact us

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to making your dice dreams come true.



The Dice Guy

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  • Custom Dice 16mm D6

    We have blank d6's available with full 6 face customization. 15 unit minimum order costing $90 USD + Shipping. The Rainbow D6's have both the 1 face and the 6 face open for customization with a 12 unit minimum of $50 USD + Shipping. These D6's are an exact match for our Classic Rainbow Dice Set. Learn More
  • Custom Dice 25mm D20

    These D20's are very nice and have both the 1 face and the 20 face open for customization. The minimum order is for 12 units and costs $50 USD + Shipping. A normal D20 is about 20mm in size. These are made at 25mm to allow for a slightly larger face for the engravings, as the normal size face is too small to use. They will look appropriate when next to normal sized dice. The D20's in Black with Red is a close match to our Build Your Own Set Opaque Black with Red dice. The teal D20's are similar to the Teal HQ dice, but are a slightly different tone of teal and are not as clear as the HQ dice. Learn More
  • Custom Dice 34mm D20

    These 34mm D20's are stunning and have both the 1 face and the 20 face open for customization. The minimum order is for 10 units and costs $50 USD + Shipping for the Adamantium, and $55 for the Rainbow. A normal D20 is about 20mm in size. These are made at the standard 34mm Oversize which allows for more detailed engravings than the smaller 25mm D20's. The Marbled Adamantium 34mm D20's are a perfect match to our Adamantium dice, and the Rainbow 34mm D20's are a perfect match for our Translucent Rainbow dice set. Learn More

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