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Dragon Fang Italian Leather Dice Bag / Dice Tray (Handmade)

Crafted from the teeth of a gold dragon, we proudly present the dragon fang leather bag. This bag is made of the finest materials we can get our paws on, and is handcrafted at our in-house dwarven forge. Made with the most expensive Italian leather we could find, the bag simply smells amazing. This is a vintage color changing leather. As you fold the bag, the leather will show a lighter brown color. You can rub it with your fingers to make it darker. The dragon fang will function as a leather rolling tray if you lock it most of the way as shown in the pictures. You get to choose Dragon Charms or Sword Charms at no additional cost. We hope you enjoy our handiwork :)

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Real gamers roll dice!



Dragon Fang Italian Leather Dice Bag / Dice Tray (Handmade)