Brown Leather Dice Bag (2 Styles)

Behold, our first leather bag, made from the blood (don't ask), sweat (it's not easy), and tears (do men cry? I digress), of The Dice Guy himself. Standing a staggering 4 inches tall, this puppy boasts a capacity of 4 sets (apx 30 dice). Open your nose because this bag has the classic new leather smell coupled with matching cowhide leather cords and swanky dragon charms. We hope you enjoy our personal handiwork.

The bag has 2 cord options:

"Standard Cord" is a thick black cowhide cord with a black cord stopper.

"Braided Cord" is a slightly thinner brown braided leather cord which comes with a matching antique bronze colored cord stopper.

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Brown Leather Dice Bag (Standard Cord)
Brown Leather Dice Bag (Braided Cord)

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