Real Gamers Roll Dice!

Leather Dice Tray in 7 Colors (Handmade)

These dice trays are proudly handmade in our shop by our skilled Dwarven Craftsman. They are very easy to snap together and can be transported by folding them up in half or a square to put in your back pocket, or rolled up like a cigar.

We love the basic leather material, but we wanted to offer the trays in a premium option to go along with the basics for those who are interested. Both the premium leathers are beautiful Italian leather: buttery soft, smooth without any pattern, thicker than the basics, and smell awesome!. The Italian black leather doesn't have the small pebbles that the basic black leather does and the inside is midnight black. The Italian brown is a premium vintage color changing leather. When you crease / fold it, it will change to a lighter shade of brown to give it a weathered vintage character. You can rub it with your fingers to bring it back to it's normal darker color.

Available in 6 colors: Black / Brown / Green / Purple / Italian Black / Italian Vintage Brown
Dimensions are 8.5 Inches x 8.5 Inches with a rolling area of 6 inches x 6 inches
Dice not included :)

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Real gamers roll dice!



Leather Dice Tray in 7 Colors (Handmade)