Premium Velvet Dice Bags 5x8 (6-Colors)

We proudly present our own line of premium velvet dice bags. No expense was spared when we designed these beauties, and we hope you enjoy them. The outside is made of a very soft velvet, and the inside is made of a strong and shiny satin. The bags are 5x8 inches and comfortably hold up to 1 pound of dice or 100 individual dice.

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The Black Void Velvet Dice Bag 5x8
Blue Ice Velvet Dice Bag 5x8
Dragon Fire Red Velvet Dice Bag 5x8
Royal Purple Velvet Dice Bag 5x8
Elven Green Velvet Dice Bag 5x8
Princess Pink Velvet Dice Bag 5x8

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DnD Dice brand premium velvet dice bags