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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ page.  I will do my very best to answer the most common questions that are posed to us, in order to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.  Without furthere ado, let us begin!


Q- How long does it take to receive my order?

A- There are 2 parts to the equation.  Total time = Order processing time + Delivery time.  The order processing starts when you place your order and goes to the time when we place your package in the mail.  This process takes anywhere from 1-3 working days.  If you haven't heard the time "working days" before, it refers to Monday - Friday.  Once your order is placed in the mail, the delivery time starts.  For domestic orders (USA), this can take between 2-5 working days depending on which state you live in.  We will ship out your order from Chicago, which happens to be a good central location.   


Q- What days do you ship out the orders on? and What days can I receive my order on?

A- Our shop is open Monday - Friday and we ship out a few times a week.  The days we ship out each week are quite random which make a lot of sense for a dice website :)  You can receive your order any day Monday - Saturday.  We ship out our order via USPS.


Q- How can I track my order?

A- When your order is placed you will receive an order confirmation email.  Once your order ships out from our store, then you will receive a shipping confirmation email which has a USPS tracking number on it.  The number is a little small but if you look through the 2nd shipping confirmation email, you should see it.  You can click the link or go straght to and paste in the tracking number. 


Q-  What do I do if my package doesn't show up in the time frame?

A- If the package is late and/or there are no tracking updates, please email us to let us know.  Rarely <1% of the time, USPS either loses a package or misplaces it.  If you see the tracking updates stop, then its possible that the post office has misplaced your order.  The good news is that when this happens, most of the misplaced orders do eventually show up.  USPS does usually find out when there is an order that they are holding that hasn't been delivered on time, it just ends up creating an extra delay for you.  If your order is delayed by USPS, we recommend calling your local USPS office and letting them know about the delay.  They can do an internal search for the package and let the driver know to double check his van for a package that may have fallen out of the delivery bag.


Q- What do I need to do if I want to make a change to my order?

A- If you have placed your order and you want to make a change, please use our contact us page and email us right away.  We can/will change or re-do an invoice before your order ships out.  If your order has already shipped out before we have seen your email then we will work with you to return all or part of your order to us and fix/change any issues you had with it.  Don't worry if this happens, as we are always here to help you!


Q- If I have a special request, can I ask you guys if you can do it?

A- We absolutely handle special requests for our customers.  Please send us an email with your request and we will try our very best to make it happen for you. 


Q- Do you guys ever put on a sale?

A- Not really.  We believe that offering fair prices throughout the year is a good way to treat everyone fairly.


Q- How often will I get an email newsletter if I sign up?

A- We don't send out our newsletter very often, perhaps once or twice a year.  They usually let you know about new products that are coming soon or ones that have recently been posted.


Q- Do I need to make an account when I make a purchase? or is it okay to just use the "guest checkout"?  and What's the difference between the 2 choices?

A- There aren't many major differences between checking out with the 2 methods as both will provide you with a tracking number in one of our confirmation emails to you.  The advantage of creating an account will be that you can easily view your past orders and place a re-order if you want.  From our side, we won't think that your any less awesome of a customer if you decide to use the guest checkout :)


Q- I placed an order and I haven't received any emails from  It looks like something is wrong, but I have no idea what it is?

A- One possibility, and it happens every once in a while, is that you may have mistyped your email address in when placing your order.  That would make our emails send out to the wrong address.  If you havn't gotten any email confirmations from us, then please email us so that we can figure out what the problem is.


Q- Can I suggest some products that I wish you sold on

A- Absolutely!  We love to hear this kind of feedback.  Please send us an email with what you would like us to sell and we will do our very best to modify our offerings.


Q- I have a product I designed myself and I would like to see if you want to sell it on  Will you consider selling my product?

A- Yes we definitely consider selling products made by creative people.  In the past we have bought from new start up businesses and will definitely do it again.  We currently work with several small 1 man operations to bring you the products you want.  Please email us with some information about your product and we will come up with some questions for you and will probably ask for some pictures.


Q- The question I was looking for isn't listed here.  Can I request that you add my question to your FAQ?

A- In order to make our site more efficient, we need to hear your comments, suggestions, and feedback.  We will certainly add a question to our FAQ if you point out something we forgot to talk about.


Q- Do you offer wholesale to businesses?

A- Yes we do.  We offer wholesale on all items that we manufacturer which includes our velvet dice bags, and several sets of dice.  Contact us for more information, and to set up an account.


Specific International Shipping Questions


Q- I'm an international customer and I don't see any tracking updates when I check on  What's wrong?

A-  Don't worry about this problem in this situation.  USPS will only show a few updates in select countries once your package leave the USA.  You may see a few updates as the package is moving around in America.  However, once the package leaves the states, you may no longer see any tracking updates.  This is normal, and the package will show up for you within the quoted delivery window.


Q-  How long does delivery take for an international order?

A-  Orders are shipped out via USPS First Class or Priority Mail within 1-3 working days (Monday - Friday) of your order.  Our international customers can expect to receive their packages somewhere around 2 weeks from the date of shipping.  However, please be aware that the normal delivery window for international orders can be between 2-6 weeks.  Most international orders seem to show up around the 1.5 to 3 week window, but if your order is taking longer to be delivered, it is usually very normal, and the delay might be due to the customs department inspecting your order before moving it on to the final delivery.


Q- What currency will my order be placed in?

A- Regardless of which country you are ordering from, once you order, the total will be converted to US dollars at the current exchange rate.  If you want to see how much things cost in your currency, please go to the home page and click the box on the right side that says "Select Your Currency".


Q- Do you ship to my country _____ ?

A- 99% we do.  We have shipped out orders to most countries in the world.  If for some reason we are unable to ship to your country, we will email you and let you know and try to find a way for you to order from us.


Q- Do I need to pay a special customs charge for receiving the order?

AYou may be curious about customs fees.  Each and every country has a different policies with regard to customs handling / charges.  When your order reaches the point of entry into your country, your package will pass into and through the customs department.  Some countries randomly select packages to be inspected and charge a fee for the inspection + a fee based on the total value of the items entering the country.  Not every package will be assessed an import customs duty but some might.  The shipping charges that we add on to your order cover only the shipping costs that we have to pay to put your order in the mail.  We do not add on or pre-charge you for any customs charges that your country might impose on your package.  All of that meaning that we cannot pay for the customs charges that you might receive from your country.  While we hope that 100% of the international packages we send out will not be assessed an import tax, some might, and that is unfortunately out of our control.  If you are curious as to the import customs policy of your country, you can generally google the customs office and find the relevant information without too much trouble.  Feel free to email us via our contact form to ask us any questions you might have with regard to anything related to products / shipping / customs / comments & questions.  We will do our very best to help you out and explain everything as clearly as we can.




Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ and please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your shopping experience better!