Metallic Essence Nickel Dice Set

We've done it again; this time with a nickel colored finish. Behold the new and improved Metallic Essence dice set, exclusive to DnD Dice. Solid and heavy, this set's bite is as good as its bark. Set includes one of each: d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20.

Dimensions (Width):

D4: 20mm
D6: 16mm
D8: 15mm
D10: 19mm
D00-90: 19mm
D12: 20mm
D20: 22mm

Weight: 125g (4.5 ounces) VS 28g (1 ounce) for a regular set.

Made from a zinc alloy.

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Metallic Essence Nickel Dice Set
Metallic Essence Nickel Extra D6
Metallic Essence Nickel Extra D20

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Metallic Essence Nickel Dice Set