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Bloodstone Build Your Own Metal Set

Behold the metal dice that will haunt your dreams! Beautifully crafted with a gunmetal backdrop over blood red numbers :)

To save you a little time: If you were to buy 7 of these dice, the total cost would be $20.00 USD for the set.

The easy roll D4 is a solid metal D12 that is numbered 1-4, 3-times. So it's essentially a D4 that rolls like a D12.

Dimensions (Width):

D4: 20mm
D6: 16mm
D8: 15mm
D10: 19mm
D00-90: 19mm
D12: 20mm
D20: 22mm

Weight: 125g (4.5 ounces) VS 28g (1 ounce) for a regular set.

Made from a zinc alloy.

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Bloodstone Metal D4

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Bloodstone Metal D6

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Bloodstone Metal D8

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Bloodstone Metal D10
Bloodstone Metal D10 (00-90)

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Bloodstone Metal D12

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Bloodstone Metal D20
Metallic Essence Bloodstone 34mm D20
Metallic Essence Bloodstone Easy Roll D4
Bloodstone Metal D60

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Metallic Essence Bloodstone Build Your Own Set