Red Leather Dice Bag (Handmade)

You know when you slay a dragon, there is only so much hide and teeth to go around. Well, the same is true for this dragon scorched dice bag. We got our hands on the remains of a slain dragon and only had enough hide to make 13 bags. This limited edition color will likely not ever return.

Behold, our first leather bag. Made in house by the hands of The Dice Guy. Careful attention was paid to every detail to try and make this leather dice bag the best in class. Standing a staggering 4 inches tall, this puppy boasts a capacity of 4 sets (apx 30 dice). Open your nose and behold the wonders as this bag has the classic new cowhide leather smell. Like a good wine with your meal, we needed to pair this bag with matching leather cords in order to finish it off, the right way. We hope you enjoy our personal handiwork.
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Red Leather Dice Bag